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Kindness Fixes Most Things – the award winning new album

In June 2015 we’ve released the debut, and now AWARD WINNING album. As you can see from the reviews, some people seem to like it. You can listen to it in full on the site. If you like it, you can even grab yourself a copy from your favourite online music store.

The Weekender – 48 Hours in the History of House – the mix series

If you’re here to grab a mix that’s part of the mix series The Weekender - 48 Hours in the History of House we’re really glad you’re here.

Just so you know, these mixes are my way of trying to drive cool people who love music to this site in the hope that while they're here they'll stop, discover my music and have a listen.

Fair enough?

We love videos

When you look at our releases page, you’ll see we’ve created videos for each of the tracks from the album 'Kindness'. We really do hope you like them and if you do, we hope you’ll tell your friends.

New Releases

We’re always making new music and late 2019 will see the release of our new album, Music With Words In. It is what it says on the tin. It is sounding great and we cannot wait for you to hear it...

Free mixes

When we DJ we play records that are funky, meaty and uplifting. Our gift to you for finding us is absolutely free access to a whole bunch of mixes across a bunch of genres that you can download and listen to on the go. Enjoy.

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