Kindness Fixes Most Things

3 years in the making the debut album is available to download and stream worldwide.

The album is an eclectic mix of electronica, folk and chill. It features the vocals of Kim Taggart, Julieanna Fierro and Anne Maiden. Guest guitarists include Tim Rawson, Ian Gold and legendary bassist, Fraser.

The album received rave reviews from music lovers and critics alike. Check out some of the tracks below and if you like what you hear please support us by grabbing yourself a copy from your favourite online music store.


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It immediately makes me think of far off magical places. Vocals land perfectly; the ethereal sound transcends the production and nourishes the wide range of genres on show. Overall, a wonderful sound.

Irwin BoonReverbnation

Soothing, lullaby vocals frame this undoubted musical talent. Powerful lyrics reach-out, they embrace you and they pull you in. Once you’re there, you’re rewarded with elements of musical mastery.

Ella BurrellMusic Online

It’s thought provoking, original, engaging, rhythmic and ethereal. It makes me want to be with someone intimately.

Ottoline ColeUS Review

I like the sound of this. The sounds were interesting. The lyrics and the vibe is just awesome. As a debut album this is uniquely interesting and left me wanting to hear more. Music with a never ending story feel.

Céleste LovelFMTV

The more I listen, the catchier it becomes. I really learned to love this album.

Amita PetrovicNew Music Magazine

The whole thing has a very nice vibe to it. I imagine it would be great to listen to it while tripping on acid.

Ivan LuNew York Online

It comes together in a really interesting way. It’s electronic, unique, different and modern. A style to share with the world.

Amina KhachaturianBreakthrough Reviews

In parts it manages to be dramatic, deep, dark, calming, warm and energetic at the same time. A binaural treat for my ears and my soul.

Bethel ChoeNew Music Now

A futuristic vibe that is subtle and relaxing but leaves you with a powerful, feel-good feeling. A wonderful blend that has the gift to soothe. Talent all the way. Beautiful.

Eberardo Van RompayA1 Reviews

The album blends both organic and electronic instruments with ease. The earthy yet futuristic sound is something that we don’t often hear executed this well. The overall composition is original, memorable, imaginative and creative. The instrumentals are varied and engaging, whilst the vocals manage to be both organic and digital. It takes you on a varied and at times surprising journey, and for me it comes together as a whole experience. So put your headphones on, turn the light off, shut your eyes and go with the flow. This guy has a chance of making it big.

Hanna GärtnerMusic Matters

As far as electronic records go this would be in my top ten.

Mark JollenbeckAustralia Online

This what I call experimental music at its best. The programming of the synthesizers to create a whole bunch of unique sounds gives the overall sound character and harmony. It pulls your ears into a circle of peacefulness as the echoes vibrate and orchestrations sizzle. What a great experience.

Matt HoweMusic Making Today

Lose yourself in this mesmerizing release that sounds like the past brought forward. It takes you on a journey with eyes wide open to show you what lies ahead. With just the right touch of vocals that invade at just the right time, the whole thing sends you to different levels from beginning to end. It flowed beautifully. Bravo!

Anthony MontanariDrop Recordings

There is a lovely sense of dynamics. The song writing is thoughtful and intelligent. At times, the intensity and suspense is beautiful.

Emilie RaneriSong Review

It strikes me as something to listen to while getting intimate with a partner.

Róisín MoriCentral Station

As I listen, and as I close my eyes, I imagine myself and my life is elevated.

Yemima SlusserReview Hub

Very cool music. Very British and illuminating. A relaxed paced masterpiece.

Conor RamseyUS Review Monthly

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