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The glitch hip de hop mix recorded live March 2016. It’s full of energy, it’s fresh, it’s musical and most of all it’s funky!

Our gift to you

Just to say as all of the mixes on the site are recorded LIVE. If you really listen closely you may hear a few pushes and pulls. Hey you may even hear the odd mistake. They’re not recorded in a studio. They’re raw and they’re live. I can live with it.

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The Glitch Hip De Hop Mix

DJ Mike Leavy

The Glitch Hip De Hop mix doesn’t need much of an introduction. Safe to say it’s full of talented producers and artists doing their thang in bringing tonnes of energy and sheer out-and-out funk goodness to the set. It’s modern; it’s musical; it’s full of energy; it’s full of builds and drops and most importantly it is seriously, seriously funky!

Big name genre artists permeate the tracklist from the likes of Basement Freaks, Beat Fatigue, Slynk, Dirty Stab, A Skillz, Fort Knox Five and Stickybuds – these guys know what they’re doing.

So headphones on, crank it up loud and feel the love…

Like That (Original Mix) – Boifrenz, Lickweed
Nou La ft. Baby G & Val (Timothy Wisdom Remix) – Timothy Wisdom, Baby G, CMC & Silenta, Valentino Sirolli
Spanish Potatoes (ft. BBK) (Dirty Stab & BBK Remix) – BBK, Dirty Stab, BBK, Royal Blood, Aeon Flex
I’ll Take You (Jenaux Remix) – Mr. Rogers
Sunday Morning People (Herbgrinder Remix) – Herbgrinder, Cut La Roc
Walk From The Mountain (Original Mix) – Thomas Vent
Trickery (Beat Fatigue Remix) – Beat Fatigue, Sicktune
Graffiti Alley – Slynk, Beat Fatigue
Boogieman ft. Mr Lif (Basement Freaks Remix) – Basement Freaks, See-I
Light Fandango (Instrumental) – Dephicit, The After Hours Quintet, Summer Bright, Donjohnston
Fat Ass Beat (Original Mix) – Dubra & Arteo
Funkin’ It Up (Original Mix) – Basement Freaks
Just Say There – Slynk & JPOB The Beat Chef
Skip For Top (Original Mix) – BBK, Dirty Stab
The Funk Phenomenon (Original Mix) – Dubra & Arteo
Jitterbug (Original Mix) – Stepcat
Queen Of Sheba ft. Edy Blu (Jack Lemmon Remix) – See-I
Galactic Funk ft. Geo Johnson (Original Mix) – The Captain
WOW! (Original Mix) – Dirty Stab
Kick Glitch ft. BBK (Original Mix) – BBK, Dirty Stab, Aeon Flex
Pressurize The Cabin ft. Vokab Kompany (Qdup Remix) – Qdup, Fort Knox Five, Vokab Kompany
More Good Times (Synergy Remix) – Cheshire
Got No Strings (Tonic Remix) – Elenne, Tonic
Say Yeah (ft. Dunks) – Slynk
Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar (The Funk Hunters Remix) – The Funk Hunters, Fort Knox Five
It’s the Music (ft. Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk, Hektek & Deejay Snoop) (A.Skillz & Stickybuds Remix) – A.Skillz
Recess (ft. Fatman Scoop and Michael Angelakos) (Milo And Otis Remix) – Milo & Otis, Kill The Noise, Skrillex
Boogie (Original Mix) – Shaka
Real Steel (Sammy Senior Remix) – See-I
Crumble (Original Mix) – Shaka

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